Hillary Sargeant

Hillary Sargeant

Hailing from Israel (by way of Trinidad and Tobago), Hillary Sargeant is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach. Sargeant refuses to get stuck in a box and compromise her artistic vision. Instead, she prefers to actually avoid genre classifications. She went as far as creating her own niche. She is the pioneer of a brand new style dubbed “FANGA” music, as she likes to call it.

What´s FANGA? It´s all about the groove. Fanga is a blend of several different genres in terms of sound, but the things that put them all together is the powerful message behind each tune.

Sargeant´s kaleidoscopic approach to songwriting goes a long way back: She began to explore different musical ideas while traveling. When you are on the road, you start to see things from a different prospective because you are encountering different environments, different people and different cultures. FANGA is the result of this melting pot of different ideas, taking shape into something absolutely unique and wonderful.

Sargeant set out to begin a prolific songwriting career, not only writing and composing her own material, but also partnering with a host of talented fellow musicians, including Amit Sagie, Adam Ben Ezra, Leo Powell and Tomer George Cohen. It didn´t take long before Hillary started to bring her FANGA all around the world. Her eclectic live shows in many different parts of the world have always been praised and acclaimed by critics and music lovers alike, from The United States of America, to the UK and other European countries where she had the chance to tour. Her energetic and inspiring live performances are absolutely complemented by her astonishing skills within the setting of the recording studio.

Find out more about this extremely talented artist and performer, and let the music tell you the rest of the story – https://soundcloud.com/hillary-sargeant-fanga